May 5, 2013

When major established entities in any field openly criticize other major established entities, it usually means a period of chaos and opportunity. Last week, NIMH ripped out the heart of the APA’s DSM-5 by baldly stating that:

        the weakness is its lack of validity

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May 4, 2013

There should probably be 3-4 sentences at the outset which say briefly what the document is, how it is intended to be used and by whom, and why this could be needed; that is, an introduction and rationale.

Please contribute ideas, phrases, sentences and even paragraphs for this section.  Use the Comments function.  Read other [read more...]

May 3, 2013

Please share useful and important questions that a patient should ask of a professional. If you just want to suggest a Question, make a Comment (below) — and put in the subject line whether it is a question for Medical professionals, Mental health professionals, or both.

If you would like start a Discussion about a particular Question so that its nuances can be explored between you and others — then Start a New Topic, put the Question in the subject line and write a few thoughts about the Question you are presenting.

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May 2, 2013

How should patients who are seeking professional help, medical or mental health, approach a new practice or practitioner? Can they structure an interview around a list of questions, will that work or be acceptable? Do they need to keep questions in the back oftheit mind and get them answered less directly? What strategic recommendations would [read more...]